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Feb 6, 2013 10:00am PST
of nominations, john kerry at state, chuck hagel at defense and john brennan for cia, i remember being on the show and saying i think hagel will be the most controversial and brennan may well be the least controversial, brennan or kerry. i think -- i still don't think his nomination is imperiled. i would say you have it right. what you are now going to have in his confirmation hearing is an extended conversation about drone strikes, how we use them, how should we use them, how should congress be consulted, should the american public be -- it's going to be sort of a broader thematic discussion. and look, the fact is the white house -- if the white house would have preferred mikeis cough break the news two weeks after john brennan rather than three days before his confirmation hearing, absolutely. >> that pesky mikeis cough. you never know when he'll break the stories. susan page, ron widen is the leader of the rebellious group on the senate intelligence committee, not the chair, dianne feinstein who we'll be talking to tomorrow. but ron widen is asking this question and down at the retr
Feb 26, 2013 6:30pm PST
of state john kerry says he believes a diplomatic solution can be reached with iran. his comments came during a press conference in berlin. he is on a two-week diplomatic tour that began in europe. >> the agenda for his talks today also included plans for a free-trade agreement between the eu and the u.s. kerry also took time out of his schedule to meet with young people in the german capital. >> security lock down as john kerry returned to the city he once called home. the first stop on the visit was for a chat with young berliners. discussions of a different kind with the chancellor. high on their agenda -- foreign policy and the economy, but first these comments on the relationship with the u.s. >> i record a great deal of importance to transatlantic ties. we do not just have common values. we also face common tasks. >> a number of these challenges were discussed at an earlier meeting with kerry's german counterpart. first and foremost, the plans for a new free trade deal between the u.s. and europe. >> germany is our largest trade partner in europe, and we want to see even more tra
Comedy Central
Feb 27, 2013 11:30pm PST
, a gitmo inmate faces trial. or has a birthday party. not sure, it was redacted. then, john kerry is the new secretary of state. or the pressure has really taken a toll on hillary clinton. [laughter] and my guest paola antonelli is a curator at the museum of modern art. i'll ask her to exit through the gift shop. [laughter] it's chuck hagel's first day as secretary of defense. tomorrow we start the two-month confirmation process for his second day of work. [laughter] this is "the colbert report." captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( cheers and applause ) thank you, ladies and gentlemen. thank you so much. [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting stephen] [cheers and applause] welcome to the report, good to have you with us. please, sit down. [cheers and applause] folks, we have to do the show. [cheers and applause] folks -- [cheers and applause] if you watch this program, and i certainly hope that you do, you know that if nothing else i'm a company man. and i could not be prouder that this show is a profitmaking tsunami for my parent company viacom. [laught
Feb 1, 2013 4:30am EST
, a humorous messages for incoming secretary of state john kerry, who will succeed hillary clinton. >> i will say john kerry has some mano's to fill. >> >> i'm with the baltimore ravens. good morning, washington. >> is good to hear coastthat from new orleans. take a look at this picture of the washington capitol. perhaps a few snow flurries coming down later. >> most of it is along the southern delbeltway into fauquier county. you might see a couple snow flurries very shortly. i wanted to show you who's getting most of the snowfall right now. we have a little line from south of alexandria, stretching towards manassas and towards warrenton and into culpeper. the second area we are watching is just pushing into leesburg and headed towards purcellville and bluemont getting some snow coming down. this will be just a dusting at best. everyone should stay well under an inch. we will be lucky to get a half- inch in the metro. timing of this is during the commute, so that's a concern. and it's a cold morning at 31 degrees at dulles, 20 in gaithersburg, 30 in winchester right alpa. 36 degrees in
Feb 1, 2013 8:30pm EST
colleagues from his side of the aisle who were perfectly happy to swift vote john kerry and then vote for him -- i think there were only three dissenting votes. and here they have somebody who they agree with far more than they agree with john kerry on foreign policy, and they just trashed him. >> does chuck hagel have the know-how to handle the bureaucracy like the pentagon? >> before the recess, he was unsteady with his answers and grasp of the facts. later in afternoon, the third round of hearings, after he was more sure-footed, does he have the capacity? i think so, if you listen to the exchanges with center came from maine talking about the management of the defense department, issues there. a much more competent answer. >> what about this jewish lobby business? he apologized for using that phrase, but listen to this exchange with lindsey graham. >> name one person who is intimidated by the israeli lobby in the u.s. senate. >> the use of intimidation -- i should have used influence. >> he could not name one person publicly. this is gamesmanship of the first order. you have conversations
Feb 4, 2013 10:00am PST
hearings. a big source of dispute and wig conversations and negotiation with israel. john kerry over the weekend talked to simon peres and talked to abbas and also met hue. where do we stand now, and what is the timeline aring the different red lines with israel and with the possibility of one-on-one talks with iran? >> well, aun drae, i thought that the most important statement that the vice president biden made was when and if. they haven't really had conversations even with the totally of the european powers, but -- and iran since june. many thought that there would be talks as soon as the election -- the presidential election was over, but we're obviously nearly three months out from that, and nothing has happened. there's discussion something might happen by the end of february. now, they're up against a couple of different deadlines here. one of them is the question of when iran will have enough of its sort of medium enriched uranium that it could race for a bomb. remember when prime minister net hur came to the u.n., he had that big sort of cartoonish version of a bomb, and th
Feb 1, 2013 10:00am PST
as the biggest challenge to a perspective democrat running for that open seat? of course, the john kerry seat. >> i -- all politics is local. i'm a little surprised, but i -- my reaction would be that he has made a decision. he knows better than anyone what's it like to serve in the senate, what is it like to run for the senate, and you have to thank him for his service and respect his decision. >> and back to the hagel situation and what's going to happen at d.o.d. we've been talking here about how his performance, assuming that he does get confirmed, does that weaken him going into the pentagon where there are a lot of sharks ready to attack? >> no, absolutely not. i think what people recognize in the pentagon is here is someone who is who has been where they've been, been wounded twice, understands the military, not theoretically, not from lectures, but from being there in combat. that gives them tremendous credibility with the uniformed military, and also, i think that the style of listening, the style of having an open mind, the style of engaging that chuck has, and i think that's one of
Feb 1, 2013 1:00pm EST
've done and what is left to do. >> and as she leaves the state department this afternoon, john kerry will arrive to be sworn in by justice alina keggen, and nor sentimental sendoff. 30 rock ends its seven-year run with lots of laughs and familiar faces. >> looked like another cold one in the midwest. >> bundle up, everyone. if you can, get hit by a car. >> according to the national weather service, you should, and i quote, leave work, get in your purpose bentley and be home with your sharks. >> if the democratic party controlled congress, i would see to it that he was punished in the worst way possible by having to come down here and listen to us. >> the show earned 14 emmys, had countless guest star appearances, some famous, and some not so famous. good day. i'm andrea mitchell. live in washington. good news and bad news in today's jobs report. the unemployment rate inched closer to 8%, but more than 150,000 jobs were added in january. revisions to last year's data showed stronger job growth than first predicted. joining me now forrure daily fix, chris, msnbc contributor and managin
Feb 1, 2013 4:30am PST
the unemployment rate to remain at 7.8 percent. >> senator john kerry is set to be sworn in today as secretary of state after an emotional farewell to the senate after representing massachusetts for the past 28 years. he is set to take the oath of office for his new post in a small private ceremony. john kerry will succeed secretary of state, hillary clinton, who officially steps down today. at his request, john kerry will be sworn in by supreme court justice kagan. >> next, the bag of jewels police in the east bay are trying to reunite with its owner. >> new warning of energy drinks and what they could to do your >> welcome back, this morning police are looking for the owner of a bag of jewelry found in fremont. these are pictures of the jewelry found in a bag. a maintenance worker found the bag in the bushes yesterday morning. many of the items still have the price tags attached. if some of this belongs to you, contact the fremont police department. >> this morning, another reminder for people who park at meters on sundays in san francisco. it is no longer free according to the "san francisc
Feb 4, 2013 11:00am PST
in the forecast. i will tell you when and how much. >> john kerry says he has big he heels to fill. >> and the lead up to the card >> los altos, and petaluma and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> one of the san francisco giant world heroes will not face criminal charges. police removed romo from the las vegas airport after a confrontation with t.s.a. agents on new year's day. the t.s.a. says he lacked proper identification and argued with the agents. abc7 was told they will not prosecute the case because they lack the resources. >> new secretary of state, john kerry, is reporting for duty, addressing the country's foreign service workers, and he praised his predecessors, hillary clinton, and condoleeza rice. >> can a man actually run the state department? i don't know. as the saying goes, i have big heels to fill. >> and john kerry was sworn in on friday and over the weekend he assured world leaders the united states is committed to peace in the middle east. >> we are certain that a man can do the job of bringing the weather, right? here is mike nicco. >> and spencer and sandy
Feb 4, 2013 11:30am PST
pattern and a chance of rain in the forecast. i will tell you when and how much. >> john kerry says he has big he heels to fill. >> and the lead up to >> los altos, and petaluma and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> one of the san francisco giant world heroes will not face criminal charges. police removed romo from the las vegas airport after a confrontation with t.s.a. agents on new year's day. the t.s.a. says he lacked proper identification and argued with the agents. abc7 was told they will not prosecute the case because they lack the resources. >> new secretary of state, john kerry, is reporting for duty, addressing the country's foreign service workers, and he praised his predecessors, hillary clinton, and condoleeza rice. >> can a man actually run the state department? i don't know. as the saying goes, i have big heels to fill. >> and john kerry was sworn in on friday and over the weekend he assured world leaders the united states is committed to peace in the middle east. >> we are certain that a man can do the job of bringing the weather, right? here is mike nicco. >> and spenc
Feb 28, 2013 5:30am PST
investigated. the west appears to be on the brink of ratcheting up support of opposition. john kerry is in rome for talks with other nations, and the us has decided to provide food to the rebels. european officials will meet next week to discuss military support for syrian people. are you hearing anything more yet? >> john kerry, who is here of course on his first major mission of his new job will be giving a press conference within the next few minutes, and we will hopefully hear a bit more detail about what they have agreed. as he was suggesting, the reports at least are saying that the americans may go further than they have done before. they may even supply perhaps body armor, armored vehicles, maybe military training. that would mark a significant ratcheting up of the aid that they have been prepared to give the opposition in syria so far. >> to what degree is john kerry being put under pressure to come up with more action? >> he is under pressure from all sides, as you can imagine. there are the hawks in washington, as we know, who would like president obama to commit to arms supplies to
Feb 3, 2013 6:00pm EST
in the next 24 hours. >> the other news of the day, john kerry is finishing up his first full day as secretary of state. >> why he spent most of his time today on the phone. >> a baby seal killed, a marine corps >> r. raymond day today for a man accused of killing a famous navy seal author. >> the man accused is a troubled former marine. >> former navy seal chris kyle risk his life on the world's most dangerous battlefield. langhorne kills than any american sniper in history. he was gunned down on saturday at this north texas shooting range. this is where they tried to help troubled warriors reconnect with the world. 825-year-old marine reservist. >> it is my understanding that the suspect may have been suffering from some kind of mental illness from being in the military. i understand he was a marine for four years. >> they found the gun at his home. >> he went to his sister's home and he told his sister and brother in law but he just did. >> he penned a best-selling book, the autobiography of the most lethal sniper in american history. he was larger than life, made for tv. he initially spurn
Feb 5, 2013 1:00am PST
security in washington. today in washington, of course, was secretary of state john kerry's first day on the job. he was sworn in on friday after his confirmation hearing and his confirmation vote process that were frankly a breeze. in the end, the senate vote was nearly unanimous. 94-3 to confirm john kerry as secretary of state. john kerry, of course, will be taking over there from outgoing secretary hillary clinton. john kerry joked today that he had big heels to fill as the new secretary of state. president obama's second major nominee to face a confirmation hearing was another national security pick, the former senator chuck hagel. his confirmation hearings for defense secretary were not a breeze. the vote on his nomination has not yet happened. republicans in the senate are now hinting that they might even filibuster chuck hagel's nomination for defense, which of course sounds normal, because, you know, it seems like republicans filibuster anything now. but in fact that would not be normal that would be unprecedented if they do it. the reason republicans are even considering doi
FOX News
Feb 25, 2013 12:00pm PST
killed at least 60 people. the secretary of state john kerry worked to salvage a meeting with the syrian opposition during his first overseas trip. at a news conference in london, secretary kerry pledged more support for rebels and called for the syrian national coalition to rejoin the talks in rome. the meeting is set to be the the centerpiece of his swing through in your europe and the middle east but friday the rebel group backed out of the talks. today secretary of state john kerry said the united states is commit today helping the syrian people. >> the president of the united states has sent me here and sent me to this series of meetings and sent me to rome because he is concerned about the course of events. and he is currently evaluating what steps to take. >> the sir ran opposition leader is reconsidering the decision to boycott. james rows is an with us -- rosen is with us from berlin. secretary kerry got personally involved in the effort to lure the syrians back to the table. >> that's right. even before his plane took off from joint base andrews, secretary of state john kerry e
Feb 3, 2013 6:30pm EST
. >> there is no time like the present for john kerry >> still no end in sight to that hostage standoff in alabama. jim continues to hold a 5-year-old boy in a bunker. they have been communicating with him and they are able to provide medicine to the child. ethan will turn 6 years old later this week. so far authorities are tight lipped about what he wants. police say this standoff continues. funeral services were held until alabama for that bus driver. he tried to block him from grabbing more students off the bus. people say he acted heroricically when hi got in the way of the gunman. >> a spokesperson says clinton is a long-time friend and the mayor advised hillary clinton when she ran for senate. michael bloomberg will deliver the yueling. >> panetta came out in support of hagel's nomination. >> i know chuck hagel. i think he has good experience in regards to public service. he understands the issues of the defense department. i think he will be a great secretary of defense. >> chuck hagel faced tough questioning during his senate confirmation hearing last week
Feb 11, 2013 6:00pm EST
. >> secretary of state john kerry has made his first public comments on the proposed keystone xl pipeline since replacing hillary clinton. known for being in the environmental advocate while serving in the senate, john kerry will carry out president of a mass decision on whether to approve the massive oil pipeline that critics warn will bring, catastrophe. speaking alongside canadian foreign minister, john kerry vowed a decision in the near term. >> with respect to the keystone, secretary clinton has put in place a very open and transparent process, which i am committed to seeing through, i can guarantee that it will be fair and transparent, accountable. and we hope we will be able to be in a position to make an announcement in the near term. i will not hand out precisely when, but i say in the near term. >> a new report has found china and other countries are engaging in rampant cyber attacks against u.s. businesses and institutions for potential economic gain. according to the washington post, a national intelligence estimate warns the u.s. is "the target of a massive, sustained a spinoff cam
Feb 22, 2013 10:00am PST
. >> and the secretary of state john kerry is about to leave for his first trip to foreign capitals. we'll preview the challenges that await him with former defense secretary william cohen and talk about hagel. and, later, britain's ambassador to the united states am. >> plus, monday join us live from london. we'll take the show on the road with secretary kerry. that's monday at 1:00 eastern only on andrea mitchell reports. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. [ angry gibberish ] [ justin ] mulligan sir. mulligan. take a mulligan. i took something for my sinuses, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] truth is, a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does it treats your worst sinus symptoms, plus that annoying cough. [ angry gibberish ] [ fake coughs ] sorry that was my fault sir. [ male announcer ] alka seltzer plus severe sinus. [ breathes deeply ] ♪ oh, what a relief it is! [
Feb 25, 2013 10:00am PST
are live in london as secretary of state john kerry kicks off his first overseas trip, but his debut on the world stage is already facing a challenge over how to deal with syria. as rebel leaders threaten to boycott a key meeting this week in rome. >> mr. secretary, why should the syrian opposition leaders want to meet in rome or at other international meetings given the fact that they have not gotten the help they've sought? >> they should come and meet because, in fact, countries have been helping them and because we are precisely meeting to determine how to help president assad change the calculation on the ground. >> and with only four days before automatic budget cuts, the sequester, the new secretary of state tries to reassure u.s. embassy employees. >> i will do everything in my power to go to capitol hill and persuade my colleagues of the vitality, criticality of everything we're doing here. >> in washington president obama is increasing the pressure speaking just now to the nation's governors. >> here's the thing. these cuts do not have to happen. congress can turn them off
Feb 26, 2013 9:00am PST
a final vote today or tomorrow. more on that vote just ahead. first, after the break, john kerry makes his maiden voyage as secretary of state. will he carry the majdz mantle of obama or clinton? we'll discuss kerry's world tour when p.j. crowley joins us next on "now." ♪ you know my heart burns for you... ♪ i'm up next, but now i'm singing the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is! because every flake is double-toasted... splashed with sweet honey... and covered in rich double-roasted peanuts. mmm. [ hero ] yummy. [ male announcer ] kellogg's crunchy nut. it's super delicious! [ male announcer ] kellogg's crunchy nut. ♪ ♪ no two people have the same financial goals. pnc works with you to understand yours and help plan for your retirement. visit a branch or call now for your personal retirement review. sdmrirchlgt as the u.s. continues to -- john kerry embarked on his first overseas voyage as secretary of state. kerry's destination choice didn't come from the white house playbook. some whit
Feb 25, 2013 2:00am PST
," secretary of state, john kerry, makes his first trip overseas as america's top diplomat. we will go live from london. >>> and danica patrick at daytona. she didn't win the race. but still made history. we have the highlights for you. . ♪ my friends are all around me ♪ my friends, they do surround me ♪ ♪ i hope this never ends ♪ and we'll be the best of friends ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing the reimagined 2013 chevrolet traverse. all set? all set. with spacious seating for up to eight. imagine that. chevrolet. find new roads. hi, i'm ensure clear... clear, huh? i'm not juice or fancy water. i've got nine grams of protein. that's three times more than me! [ female announcer ] ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena®. at tyco integrated security, we consider ourselves business and wrinkoptihow?rs. one week. by building custom security solutions that integrate v
Feb 25, 2013 1:00pm EST
mitchell live in london today. secretary of state john kerry is trying to salvage a key meeting with syrian rebels. they are threatening to boycott the session in rome because the united states and europe have refused to give them arms and other critical aid. kerry took time in london today to call a key rebel leader and all but plead with him to show up. joining us for our daily fix chris calizza and managing editor of post steve clemons, editor at large for "the atlantic" and david rothcoff, editor at large of fp group. welcome all. first to you, chris. this is the first trip by the new secretary of state, and already he's facing a real rebellion from the syrian rebels. they are saying no more international conferences. they, we are told, are really pressured by the fighters on the ground who are seeing horrendous loss of life and also some recent gains, and want to know why are you leaders going to fancy hotels and meeting at these summits in europe when we need help now? >> this is, andrea -- i'm not telling you anything you don't know, but this meeting in rome was suppose
Feb 20, 2013 11:00am PST
the message secretary of state john kerry is sending to the nation and the world with his first policy speech on the new administration. there is a lot going on and here are the things we thought you should know. a ceremony, vice president biden [ ed the medal of valor to 18 public safety officers from across the country. >> i want to thank you all on behalf of myself and the president. on behalf of the american people. whoa are safer, feel safer and are more secure and feel more secure in their lives and homes because of what you all do. >> four of today's recipients received their medals in a post muss remark. the medal has been awarded 73 times since 2001. >> domenici fathered a son 30 years ago and kept the secret on behalf of the mother. he apologized to his family and hopes his accomplishments outweigh his personal transgression. conan o'brien has been tapped to host the correspondent's dinner in april. it will be the second time hosting that effect. he last did it in 1995 when bill clinton was the president and those are the things we thought you should know. t it's done to my hair, so
Feb 1, 2013 6:00am PST
news in oakland and an amber alert issued for a one-year-old girl. >> also ahead, john kerry is in. hillary clinton is out. a transition and the beginning of president obama's cabinet changes, the heavy fire a nominee is facing from >> daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> just updated the visibility. can you see it is improved in napa and novato but santa rosa the fog will stay for the morning, with half a mile. you can see a lot of haze around the rest of our neighbor, ten miles visibility from yesterday are there but it is not a "spare the air" day. more fog, more haze through the morning, 37 to 43 is our spread. check out the sunshine in mid-50's to 60, and around 4:00, another bright day with sunglasses needed throw mid-60's and a quiet evening with a lot of stars and cool temperatures, mid-40's to low 50's. enjoy. kristen? >> we are continuing to monitor breaking news from oakland where an amber alert is issued and oakland police are looking for a chevrolet pickup truck gray in color license plate 7n79574. that is a california plate. the chil
Feb 12, 2013 2:00am EST
. frankly, what he has appointed are second rate people. agree or disagree with his politics, john kerry is not a second rate choice for secretary of state. he came close to being the president of the united states. senator kerry as well as senator chuck hagel, both served honorably in vietnam and in combat while dick cheney made sure that he got five different deferments to avoid fighting a war, vietnam, that he loved supporting. so let's take a look at the cheney legacy and see how it stacks up to the president's so-called second rate team. we've got an expert, howard fineman is editorial director of the "huffington post," and joan walsh is editor-at-large of salon. both are msnbc political analysts. dick cheney says the president's national security team is second rate. that's rich coming from the man who did more than anyone to sell the u.s. on a completely unnecessary war. take a look. >> we know with absolute certainty he is enriching uranium. we believe he has reconstituted nuclear weapons. i agree we will be greeted as liberators. we learn there was a relationship between iraq an
Feb 1, 2013 5:30pm PST
, technically, anyway, for the first time in more than three decades. and john kerry no longer a senator from massachusetts, has been sworn in to replace her. our chief foreign affairs correspondent, andrea mitchell, at the state department for us tonight. andrea, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. with egypt on fire and a suicide bomber attacking the u.s. embassy compound in turkey, there was no time to celebrate the changing of the guard at the state department. even on her last day as secretary of state, hillary clinton was calling the turkish foreign minister and the u.s. ambassador in ankara. >> of course, we live in very complex and even dangerous times as we saw again just today at our embassy in ankara. >> reporter: the embassy in turkey is old, build in the 1950s but the front gate is separate from the main building and well defended by marines. >> that actually insured this wasn't far worse than it could have been. >> reporter: clinton's state department farewell was bittersweet. she took time to tour the building, saying goodbye to cafeteria workers. in the crowd, u.n.
Feb 3, 2013 5:00pm PST
problems. he has a history of mental illness. >>> coming up next at 5:00, john kerry had a very busy day dealing with issues from mexico to turkey. >>> the 49ers new stadium could have a major impact on people using san jose international airport. >>> not your average cover story. a local man who has turned album part into his passion project. >>> and we're finishing the weekend on a mostly sunny note. we have temperatures in the 50s and some low 60s. on the horizon, we'll see a big change in our weather with rain and some mountain snow. >>> the new secretary of state spent most of his full day on the job on the phone. two days after being sworn in, john kerry was busy with diplomatic issues around the world. he made calls to officials in israel, canada, turkey and mexico. for updates on u.s. diplomatic concerns. in a conversation with the palestinian president, he said he intended to visit that region soon to discuss the peace process with israel. >> the question over what led to the death of a new york tourist in turkey. they now believe sarai sierra was murdered. here's the latest fro
Feb 4, 2013 4:00am PST
in havana. >>> new u.s. kansas city john kerry spent the weekend talking to leaders of israel, palestinian, turkey, canada, mexico and japan. >>> and a star in the all american girls professional league baseball league that is in the 1940s has died at the age of 88. she was an inspiration for the movie "a league of their own." >>> a 500-year-old mystery solved in england. scientific tests say a skeleton found under a parking lot was that of king richard iii. he left a trail of bodies including two nephews on the way to the throne. >>> and a spectacular halftime show, brother versus brother and super ads. did the 34 minute power outage when the game was one sided hurt the rating? the audience numbers will be out later today and it's a story we're keeping an eye on. >>> one company that took immediate advantage was nabisco. their cookie team tweeted power out? no problem. you can still dunk in the dark. that ad received over 14,000 retweets and 5,000 favorites. >>> just in time for lent mcdonald's will offer its first happy meal entree, fish mcbites. it will be available this week and right
Feb 5, 2013 4:00am PST
. >>> secretary john kerry says he has big shoes to fill. an arkansas couple's lottery luck is no fish story. details next. plus, a new study says chewing gum could be good for your brain. "early today" is back in two minutes. >>> good morning. here are some other stories making news this morning. new information for police show that the iraq war veteran charged with killing the navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle and a second man had been taken to a mental hospital twice in the past five months. ruth is also said to have told authorities he was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. >>> secretary of state john kerry joked about the pressure following hillary clinton and the former condoleezza rice. >> can a man actually run the state department? i don't know. as the saying goes, i have big heels to fill. >>> former president george h.w. bush is said to be feeling great, and he went out to dinner saturday night at a restaurant in houston. his first night out since being released from the hospital. he had a martini and stayed for two hours. all right. >>> a couple in arkansas are enjoying the pr
Feb 24, 2013 5:30pm PST
american forces sooner than planned. >> jim miklaszewski tonight, thanks. >>> john kerry made his debut on the world stage today as secretary of state. he will visit nine countries in europe and the middle east with syria and iran topping his agenda. nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent, andrea mitchell, is traveling with him and is in london for us tonight. andrea, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lester. as secretary kerry embarks on this first foreign trip, the u.s. is scrambling tonight to persuade syrian opposition leaders not the boy cat a planned meeting with the u.s. and ten other nations in rome scheduled for this week. john kerry was seemingly relaxed as he flew to london today on the plane, behind-the-scenes, the u.s. ambassador was rushing to cairo to rescue a planned meeting on syria that opposition leaders now threatening to cancel. a senior official traveling with the secretary said the opposition leaders are under severe pressure from fighters on the ground to get more support from the international community. but those suffering on the ground where the rebe
Feb 3, 2013 5:30am PST
of john kerry running for president putting on the camouflaged coat with a sales tax on the back. >> just days before the election, john kerry to ridicule -- regional for appearing in a hunting outfit. there is no way to tell yet how well the president's speech noting -- ski shooting code does to persuade gun owners that he is not out to take their firearms. the white house is not be killed when or if he is going to go shooting again -- has not detailed when or if he is going to go shooting again. >> anti-government protesters of being blamed for the attack. >> in the aftermath of friday's angry demonstration here, and outside the presidential palace. it was the action of the security forces that stopped the protests that shocked egyptians. a 23-year-old was killed, and then there was this, a man stripped naked and beaten by security forces before being bundled into a van. >> i cannot bear seeing someone like that. how can someone drag someone else on the ground like that. we are in egypt, the should not be happening. >> this scene was shameful and degrading. not only was this man's of na
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